A Certificate of Documentation is required for the operation of a vessel in certain trades, serves as evidence of vessel nationality, and permits a vessel to be subject to Preferred Mortgages. Only vessels of at least five net tons, wholly owned by a U.S. citizen or citizens are eligible. Any vessel over five net tons that engages in fisheries or coastwise trade in U.S. waters is required to be documented. Vessels used exclusively for recreational purposes or in foreign trade may also be documented. Further detaila available upon request.

In most cases, undocumented vessels 16 feet and longer or are powered by motors of 10 horsepower or greater are required to be titled or numbered in most states. Many vessels carry tenders that are un-numbered and used as tenders to their main vessels. This use is generally restricted to the carrying of passengers and goods to and from shore and may not be applicable in all states. Many states require that any vessel used for fishing, crabbing or the gathering of seafood of any kind be state numbered in spite of size or horsepower. Some states require that all vessels, including Documented vessels be registered; some require either Documentation of registration but not both. Please call for more specific state information.

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